Private Dining

Alyn Williams at The Westbury

Our collection of private dining rooms offer an extra dimension to your Alyn Williams experience that will make any occasion truly memorable. The unique Wine Salon is the focal point of the restaurant where up to ten guests can dine surrounded by some of the world’s finest wines. For larger parties, the stunning Aspen Room seats up to 20 guests.

Wine Room

The Wine Room is an atmospheric, glass-enclosed space within the restaurant, offering an intimate privacy whilst allowing guests to observe the meticulous service in the main dining room. Accommodating up to 10 people around a handsome honeyed glass table, The Wine Room is surrounded by nearly 600 bottles of wine.

Aspen Room

The Aspen Room is an extension of the restaurant, though primarily used as an exclusive dining space for up to 20 seated guests. The decor mirrors that of the main room with rich rosewood panelling, cream gauffraged velvet covered chairs and bespoke hand-blown glass lighting.

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